solar energy

Solar energy

Our Mono & Poly solar panels are currently the most cost-efficient technology to utilize solar energy to generate stable clean renewable electricity power for human beings.

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Wide application of solar panels


Energy caculation based on our self-produced Solar Panels!

Why solar energy?

  • Clean, no pollution, everlasting, and free of cost.
  • Removable, can be flexiblely installed in any available place under the sun.
  • Above 30 years output warranty, high return on investment.
  • Solar panel cost can be complete rebated by its revenue within first 3 years.
  • Can be used either commercially or household.

Solar energy revenue caculator


Mono Solar Panels
  • Have higher electricity conversion rate in weak light.
  • Made of high efficiency mono solar cells.
  • Solar cells are a black hue.
  • Cost relatively higher than poly solar panels.
  • 30+ years lifespan.
  • Used for household, solar plant.
  • Mono Solar Panels
Poly Solar panels
  • Relatively lower efficiency than mono solar panels.
  • Made of high efficiency poly solar cells.
  • Solar cells have a blue-ish hue.
  • Cost relatively lower than poly solar panels.
  • 30+ years lifespan.
  • Used for household, solar plant.
  • Poly Solar panels
Flexible Solar panels
  • Flexible, maximum 30° bendable, adapt to curved surface.
  • Light-weight, portable, perfect for giving mobile device charging during camping.
  • Less efficient than rigid solar panels.
  • 10+ years lifespan.
  • Perfect for roof, solar vehicle,RV, plain, toys.
  • Flexible Solar panels