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Solar panels

  • advantage 1 The cheapest solution to bring electricity supply to no electricity regions.
  • advantage 2 Cost efficient, no maintenance
  • advantage 3 Long lifespan, generate stable & long term revenue
  • advantage 4 Easy applicable to on-grid,off-grid, hybrid solar power solutions.
  • advantage 5 One of the best technology to protect the earth
  • Revenue:15000USD/Month
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LED Light

  • advantage 1 Converts above 95% electricity to light, almost no electricity waste.
  • advantage 2 Low voltage can be directly used on solar panels.
  • advantage 3 Currently the most energy saving lamps on earth.
  • advantage 4 Very affordable price, no maintenance
  • advantage 5 Currently the longest lifespan lamp on earth.
  • Revenue/Save:262.5USDUSD/Month
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Solar LED light

  • advantage 1 0 electricity consumption all year around.
  • advantage 2 Currently the cheapest solution to realize outdoor lighting in no electricity regions.
  • advantage 3 Can be used everywhere outdoor, where there is sun, there is light.
  • advantage 4 Long using life,avoided traditional lamp replacement, installation cost.
  • advantage 5 No wiring, low installation cost.
  • Revenue/Save:281.25USD/Month
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About Us

We're one of the largest Solar panel & LED Light producer in the world, over the past 10 years, we have provided the world's best energy-saving solutions to the world's most successful brands. Projects including government, private, overseas, helped clients saving billions of US dollars per year.

Corporate history
Our corporation was initially established as a LED lights producer in the Year 2010, then was upgraded to produce solar panels on 2013, the production of solar led lamps is nature because we both have solar module technology and led light technology, which also gains our an advantage over our competitors.
Business principle
“Continuous developing, persistent improvement” that's our principle to our workmanship & products, currently our products have the highest reliability and the most efficient performance, over the past years, our products bring our distributors the highest rate of returning buyers, most of them now become the leader in their market.
Market rewards
"Above 80% of the most successful brands' common choice" this has been described true in recent years, as we consistently bring true values to our clients, our products have become the NO.1 choice of the renewable energy investment. it helps our clients earn money, their investment has become a 100% guaranteed return.


Why us?
Technically, we're strong over 90% producers in the same industry. Each of our products must be exquisitely designed to bring end-users the true value, best user experience, highest return on investment. Besides, all of our products are eco-friendly, which brings no harm to our earth, could fundamentally improve global environment situations.
How our product bring true benefit to the end-users?
Our products are designed to solve pain points in the current globe which will also bring benefits to the people in the future. Energy consumption is a serious problem as it brings a heavy burden to people's life, blot up people's economic ability to enjoy a better life. Our energy-saving product can help people keep more money in their pockets, reduce the global warming situation & carbon dioxide.
How to get our products?
We arrange international shipping of our products, delivery time generally differs according to the sea route & mainland distance. Is wisely suggested you place the order 2 months in front of the required date, which could save you from a lot of headaches and also can ensure a better market arrangement.

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