Power generation

Why power generation? People need electricity every day, and electricity is highly demanded and that demand is increasing. Solar power plants can replace traditional fuel-powered power plants for example coal power plants and nuclear power plants, they can generate electricity for industrial, commercial, and daily usage, they demand no fuel, cause no pollution, no radiation, and almost no maintenance. It’s more flexible to deploy a solar power plant, it has less strict landform requirements and can be deployed almost everywhere such as rooftops, deserts, water surfaces, and rural places. For traditional power plants, transmitting electricity to remote areas is a high cost. However, you can directly build a solar power plant there, in this way distance power transmission can be avoided. For countries and regions to build a coal power plant or a nuclear power plant is more expensive and demands more technical, so choosing to build a solar power plant is a good start. Because solar power plant demands less money, it’s completely simple, almost every person can learn to install it by themselves. Even though solar power plants are simple and less expensive, they occupy the smallest global market, as this technology is relatively new, and the global production capacity is limited.

Why replace coal power plants with solar power plants?

1, Coal power plant demands fuel to run, so every minute it costs money. Not to mention the cost of transporting the fuel to the location of the power plant and the human labor cost to fill the fuels to the power plants. The coal resources are not renewable, the global coal resources are in depletion and the coal cost is increasing it’s price. If people continue using the coal power plants without thinking about the future, once the coal resources are used up, the power plant will be shut down. At that time it will cause even bigger economic loss due to no electricity, and people may lose their lives due to extreme heat or cold without electricity to run air conditioners, and patients in hospitals could die due to no electricity to run the medical appliance.

2, When a coal power plant generates electricity, it pollutes air and water. Toxic materials such as lead, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and mercury will be released into the air together with black and dirty fumes. Air pollution not only degrades the air quality people need to breathe every day, but also causes acid rain which will damage our ecosystem, and more directly the economic and social influence. Gloomy sky, sheltered sunshine, birds fly away, plants wither, that’s what we described about air pollution. The environmental cost and economic losses are bigger than the economic increase helped by the coal power electricity generation.

3, Behind coal power electricity generation, it’s the blood and life of coal miners. Let alone countless lives lost in mine disasters, a horrible occupational disease called "black lung disease” impairing people's ability to breathe is common among coal miners caused by inhaling coal dust. If we stop using coal power plants, the miners’ lives and families could be saved.

Why replace nuclear power plants with solar power plants?

1, nuclear radiation causes cancer, gene mutation, teratogenicity, immune system disorders and radioactive lesions, etc. The nuclear radiation could have a devastating impact to people and environment for example cause pollution to air, water and earth, influence the health of life. When Chernobyl nuclear power plant explodes, it cost the nearby places about 900 years people could return to live. Nuclear power plants pose a threat to the security of the nation and its citizens due to earthquake, flood, war and terrorist attacks.

2, Dumping nuclear waste could be hazardous and requires a lot of time, the classic case is the Fukushima nuclear plant, the company had spent high cost to store its nuclear waste water, finally couldn’t bear the cost, and did not have sufficient space to place the nuclear waste water drums. Disregarding indignation from neighboring countries, the company finally decided to pour its nuclear wastewater into the sea, which may cause a catastrophe to the global ecosystem. The proven result is that many people are afraid to eat Japan’s marine products, causing the unemployment of fisheries and a reversal of Japan’s economy.

Conclusion: PV power plants can generate the same amount of electricity, can be deployed on the ground and water-surface, causing no pollution to our ecosystem, and most importantly, are cheaper and do not require complicated skills.