Solar LED lights

Solar LED lights

Solar led light is a combination of solar panel and led lamp, which is a self-powered lamp that depends on 0 electrical power supply. Solar led light is more flexible on installation, cost zero electricity except for the cost of the lamp itself.


Solar led light is mainly combined with four parts: solar panel, battery, led lamp, and controlling system. The function of the solar panel is converting solar energy to electricity. The battery is just like a warehouse to store the electricity. The LED lamp is converting electricity to light. And the controlling system is controlling the light time, on and off the lamp, thus the led lamp will not produce light during the day, and gives proper light strength during the night.


As led light depends on no external power supply, thus it could be installed anywhere without considering the electricity irrigation, and power cost. Due to the pre-installed controlling system, the solar led light will automatically light on during the night and turn off the light during the day, thus the electricity in the battery will not be over-discharged.


To ensure the proper cost of the solar led light, the solar panel power generally has a smaller power than led light, which is relatively more scientifically planned as in one side the customer can bear the cost, the other side, the led light do not need to light in 100% full power during the night. It is completely not necessary to make the lamplight in full power when there is no transportation, oppositely, it is completely a lighting waste and light pollution to make the lamplight in full brightness when there is no actual need. The controlling system of solar led light will control the lamp giving out more light when there is traffic under the light, and make the lamp shut down or dims when there is no transportation, thus the electricity will accumulate day by day in the battery, which would support to the lamp to light for 3 rainy days that means no solar power will be converted to electricity on the solar panel.


As solar led light is mainly used in outdoor door, is it generally and more widely accepted as the latest alternative to traditional street-lighting. It demands a lower installation cost, cost zero electricity all year round, and not restricted to the availability of electricity supply, it would be the best choice to replace current street lighting as an energy-saving solution and also the best choice to construct a new street lighting.

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