Solar energy

Solar energy

Solar energy is the energy from the sun, is a clean energy everyone can use it without paying bills. The latest technology to use solar energy is to use a medium just like a bucket to collect water to convert the power of the sun to electricity, with electricity, people can do more things rather than only get warmed and try their clothes.


The miracle of the solar panel is it directly converts solar rays to electricity just like photosynthesis on leaves, you can’t see any movements by your bare eyes, but photon and electrons move just like cells inside the leaves, which is completely different than blades which move on electric generator applied on hydro-power station, wind power station, nuclear power station, and thermal power plant. Comparing with other electricity generation method, solar power generation is relatively the cheapest on cost and the cost of maintenance, a solar power plant can be implemented in any size outdoor anywhere where there is a free place to receive good sunshine.


Different from wind power generation, which is also clean energy. Solar energy is relatively stable, highly efficient, could generate constant and long-lasting electricity without many kinds of restrictions. If any movement of the solar plant, all panels could be reusable when they’re still in their lifespan. The main material of solar panel is silicon, which is an element almost everywhere on our earth, using silicon would not effect any pollution to our earth.


Solar energy is relatively more safe compares with hydro-power, wind power, nuclear and thermal power, the later ones could cause fatal influence when there is any malfunction or improper use.

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