LED lights

LED Light

LED light is the latest alternative to traditional light bulbs, tubes, fixtures. It is historically the highest efficient energy-saving light on the earth. LED light using a solid-state lighting technology which makes it more resistant to impact, vibration, and versatile to adapt various lighting conditions.


With led light, people could enjoy better quality lighting in their life. The wide application of led lighting in average households improved family comfort, their quality of life, and cut down their daily spending. The application of led lighting in the industry improved production efficiency, reduced production cost, and improved product quality. The light color of led light could be properly produced according to people’s needs, for example, cold light color from 5000 to 6500K could positively improve people’s spirit, thus it could be more suitably installed in office and workshop to urge people to work in a more exciting mind. A warmer light color in led light, for example from 2700 to 3500K which is more similar to traditional incandescent light is more suitable for a bedroom, which could boost a harmonious ambiance thus could help people to foster a lovely mood before sleep.


LED light has a longer lifespan than traditional light, it converts more electricity to light and generates lesser unnecessary heat, thus is more energy saving. The core technology of led light is the led chip with its PCB board and the driver, the driver converts and adjust the input electricity according to the led chip requirement, the PCB board is like a bed to sit the led chips and distribute the electricity to each led chips, and the led chips is the guy that converts electric current to the light.


Coming to 2020, due to the emergence of COVID-19, the versatile of led is witnessed on the application of disinfection lights, but the mainstream and major market of LED is still in daily lighting. All across the world, there still have a huge need for led lights, one side from the replacement of traditional lighting, the other side from the replacement of old led lights, and the third side from emerging construction requirements.


LED light is one of the renewable energy products together with solar and wind. Using led light is protecting the earth, improving the global environmental condition, helping people living a better life.

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