LEEKA CORP. (Leeka Corporation) is a leading China solar panel manufacturer, solar power plant designer, and global solar material supplier. Business ethics and virtue are the spirits that the company persistently holds to develop its products and provide services and solutions to the global markets.

The people of LEEKA are highly virtue-cultivated, they believe wealth is the reward of high morality, and business ethics is the best warranty of product quality and aftersales services. If you want to achieve success, morality, and ethics are a must with endeavor.

1, What do we do?
We produce and supply a device called "solar panels" or "PV modules" which can convert sunlight to electricity, with it, you can use your laptop, or computer, charge your mobile, or run industrial and commercial machines either big or small.

2, Company History
Our corporation started as a manufacturer since the Year 2010, It was one of the few companies that emphasize business ethics, innovation, and OEM production. We don’t make enemies, we make friends, and we cooperate with PV industry leaders and companies like us to grow together. There is still a long way to go in solar-powered electricity for every home, so let's join hands and endeavor together.

3, Market
We position ourselves as a global leading solar energy company to sell our products to every country in the world, so the US, Canada, and any country in the world can purchase from us. Besides the products and materials, we could also provide logistics to help newbie importers to deliver the products to door.

4, OEM & EPC
We can OEM with client brands, design solar plants, and supply materials to EPC companies.

Registered name, trademark, and location
Location: No.107 Mishi River,Changzhou, Jiangsu, China

6, Contact us
Tel: +86-519-88802012
Whatsapp: +86-18068791682