People use gas for cooking, the gas comes from pipes or tanks. Gas is more convenient than firewood and coal, but this kind of fuel always brings accidents and tragedy, causing many people to lose their lives. A gas explosion can be as destructive as a bomb, even though if gas does not explode, inhaling too much gas can cost people their lives.

The deposit of gas is very limited to only a few continents on earth, some countries do not have gas resources, so they need to bring it from other countries from a pipeline, for example, Nord Stream 2 which is now influenced by Russo-Ukrainian War, when the pipeline is exploded, people who use the gas are influenced. To bring the gas from the deposit to residents is very expensive, not to mention the pipeline would rust and constant replacement is required.

Gas is a nonrenewable resource. People have to choose an alternative before the gas deposit runs out. Electricity is more convenient and safe than gas, an electronic device called a Residual Current Device (RCD) can immediately cut off the electricity so people who get in touch with electricity can avoid electricity shock. However, when gas explodes, there is no way to stop it, people can use electricity to run machines, and can also use electricity to cook.

Electricity is cheaper and safer when it is supplied by solar modules, a small solar power plant on the rooftop can be easily deployed and the cost is very affordable when using LEEKA solar modules. Also, solar modules on the rooftop can protect the tiles from hailstorms.

Burning natural gas would release carbon dioxide causing global warming, but this is not the case with electricity. Electric rice cookers and frying pans can cook delicious food with electric heating wire, no flame, no fume, the heat can be smartly adjusted and also can start and stop according to a scheduled time. The future lives of people will be smart, intelligent, and AI-powered, this can be only realized with electricity usage.

When gas is replaced by electricity powered by solar modules, it avoids potential explosion and hazards along with natural gas usage. Having electricity independence can prevent people from paying electricity bills; war, or accidents that influence the public or commercial electricity won’t influence the owner as long as the solar power plant keeps intact from the violent influence.

Instructive precedents warn us to stay away from natural gas usages:
(1) on 21/10/2021, an apparent gas explosion gutted part of a high rise in a major Chinese city, causing three deaths and more than 30 injuries, witnesses saw a large cloud of smoke and dust spreading across the street.
(2) on 08/09/2021, a gas explosion in an apartment building outside Moscow killed at least seven people and injured at least seventeen others.
(3) On 03/03/2017, At least eight miners have been killed in a gas explosion in western Ukraine. Another six were said to have been injured.
Besides the above, there are countless other gas accidents, including gas poisoning, gas crime, etc. Gas tanks can be the target of criminals, and countless people die of gas suicides and gas explosions every year. To protect your family and other people, stop using gas, electricity is safer and cheaper.